Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Babbles

* I'm still only dilated 1 centimeter. We went to the doctor last Friday and there hasn't been any progression. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I don't want the baby to come right now. In fact if the baby could  come on its actual due date, I'd be quite pleased. Aidan was prompt and arrived just when I requested that he would- after the Super Bowl. After I watched my man Peyton Manning lose to the Saints (well  played Drew Brees, well played), I went into labor no less than 2 hours later. My little man was a Mama's boy from the start!

* Today is the 34th day in a row of 100+ degree temperatures here in Houston. (Come on, admit it, you're jealous!) To say that this weather is becoming unbearable and overwhelming would be an understatement. When you walk out of your house and your lungs feel like they're on fire from simply taking a breath of air, you know it's TOO HOT! This heat, plus being in the very late stages of pregnancy, is really taking its toll on my body. I'm getting exhausted very quickly these days. :(

* Yesterday I took Aidan to the Aquarium with some friends. He had a great time! The little man loves fish (or as he calls them, "pish"), so he was excited to see all of the really big ones in their tanks. It was the first day of school for the big kids, which gave us the whole place to ourselves. The kids could  run around and we didn't have to wait in line for anything. We rode on the carousel and ferris wheel, took a train ride through the Shark Encounter exhibit, got to meet a sloth named Patches and even saw a white tiger! It was a good day. We both  took nice naps when we got home.

* We have no food in our house. Seriously. The past two nights we've eaten out or had takeout. Last night it was Vietnamese and the night before we dined at Panera. And this morning Aidan and I had mini quiches and pineapple for breakfast, leftovers from a party I threw this weekend. This is very unlike us... I've just been too tired to make a trip to the store. One of Jason's former coworkers is in town on business this week and he is most likely coming over for dinner tonight. Looks like I'll be headed out to the grocery today whether I like it or not!

* Speaking of parties I threw this weekend, I'm now a consultant for Discovery Toys. It happened by accident, but I think it'll turn out to be a good thing. Right now it's just something else added to my all ready overflowing plate. More on that later.

* I finally packed my bags for the hospital, as well as Aidan's overnight bag for while we're away. I figured it was about time. I'm surprised at how little I'm taking with me. Last time Jason had to make TWO trips from the car to my room to bring in all of the junk that we brought with us. Three quarters of it we never even used. I guess  you learn, huh?

* Aidan starts playschool in two weeks. (That's what we're calling his Mother's Day Out program). I've bought his backpack, folder and lunchbox all ready. We go in for a teacher meet and greet next week and parent orientation is scheduled for the first day of school. Hopefully the baby will come AFTER all of this, because I do NOT want to miss out on these moments with Aidan.

Enjoy your Tuesdays, everyone! :)



  1. Good for you for packing your bags already! I didn't pack mine until 40 weeks 1 day with Baby C -- which was about 20 minutes after my water broke!

  2. Ugh! That heat definitely sounds unbearable. When we were having a couple 100 days, I thought I would pass out from it!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that #2 will wait and you will get to Aidan's playschool!

    I just turned 30 weeks and time seems to be flying by!


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