Friday, September 23, 2011

Catching up

What a week it's been....

From learning how to juggle the needs, wants and tantrums of two kiddos, as well as running back and forth between doctors appointments, getting Aidan to and from school and trying to keep a handle on everything at the house, it's been challenging.

I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.

On everything.

From wedding planning (which has ground to a complete halt), to my Mom's group duties (monthly newsletter needs to be written, November events planned and pending members need to be met), cleaning up the house (what's a broom?), grocery shopping (milk, eggs, sugar, bread, meat, etc.), making appointments that have been put off for far too long (dentist, vet, opthamologist) and DIY/sewing projects (still haven't finished Aidan's nap mat for school...). Not to mention I need to start getting ready for the holidays and all that they entail (parties, shopping, decorating, gifts, etc.) Whew!

Tonight after I tuck Aidan into bed I'll be heading off for a little bit on my own. For the first time since Connor was born. Huzzah!

My destination? Barnes and Noble.

I desperately need an Organizer so I can begin to keep track of all of the things that need to get done in my life. If I keep it all in my head or in my Droid, I still won't be able to really see what takes priority and how busy I will be during any given week.
I envision many different colored pens, each for its own category, a beautiful, clean fresh calendar (divided into weeks AND months) and possibly a pumpkin spice latte. Mmm... Sounds wonderful!

I'm determined to become more organized. I used to be. To the point where I had all of our dinners planned out a month ahead of time. Also, I made a daily list of tasks that needed to be completed and had two different planners, one at home and one I kept in my purse at all times. Now? Notsomuch.

I need this to happen. So that I can be a better wife, mother, friend and homemaker. Or else I'll just end up running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

No thanks.

And  now I ask you, dear readers, how do you stay organized? Any tips for this new Mama of two munchkins? Any advice will be well appreciated!

Happy weekend and first day of Fall, friends! :)



  1. I go back and forth between a paper planner and an online one. is awesome because it can have different users (Chris and I, until N is older) and merges all of the appointments and info you input into one family calendar. It's free, too, and there are iPhone/Blackberry apps for it, too.

    But, I also like having a paper planner that I can write in because I am the same way as you - I like to highlight, use different colored pens, etc. Franklin Covey has a good one that is specifically for moms and has blank spaces on each day for writing in your kids' names. Here it is:


  2. If you figure out the secret to organization, please pass it on to me! I was able to lighten my post-baby #2 load by basically stopping all housework. Yes, my house is a mess (I still do the "must do" tasks, just not as often -- well, except for laundry, I do that WAY more often now!), but at least I have peace of mind. Also, I've found leaving a notepad by my bedside -- to scribble down a to-do list for the next day as things pop into my head as I'm in my nighttime routine -- really helps me stay organized AND keeps me from staying up all night worrying!

  3. wow! i cannot even imagine...i am starting to get nervous with having two! one thing that might help me is the Will is pretty much self sufficient to some extent.
    definitely need an organizer as well! hope you had a great evening out to yourself.


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