Monday, September 12, 2011

Connor {One Week}

It's hard to believe that our littlest man is all ready one week old today! We were happy to come home from the hospital and start our new life together as a family of four.

I am so glad that Jason has been able to take time off of work to help out with our boys until my Mom comes down to visit on Wednesday. It is TIRING trying to juggle time between a newborn and a toddler.

We've been taking naps whenever we can...


But, don't let the pictures fool you! Connor has his days and nights backwards, so we've been having quite a battle with him to switch his schedule around. I'm exhausted!

He looks so much like Aidan! Jason and I really can't believe it. Connor has beautiful eyes and is very expressive for a newborn. He rarely cries or fusses, only when he's hungry. He is still breastfeeding well, but usually only from one at a time... which has been pretty hard for my body to adjust to. (Read between the lines... being engorged HURTS!)

Last night Connor received his first bath at home. He wasn't the biggest fan. I'm sure once his umbilical stump falls off and he's able to be a bit warmer at bathtime, he'll enjoy it more!

As for me,  I'm feeling much better than I did after giving birth to Aidan. I'm able to do everything that I usually do around the house and have minimal pain. It's been great, because I really don't know what kind of shape we'd be in if I was feeling as poorly as I did after my first pregnancy.

(one week after having Connor)

It's hard to believe that we have two children now. But, at the same time, it seems completely natural. I know things will get easier once Connor is on a normal schedule and I can get some sleep in the evenings.

I sure do love my littlest man!



  1. Congratulations again, Em. He is absolutely lovely. And you look great too, Mama!

  2. Oh, he is just so precious and you look fabulous! :) Congrats, again!

  3. Happy one week! He is so stinkin' cute..congrats again momma!

  4. I am SO sorry that I am this belated in congratulating you on Connor's arrival -- we were at the beach and I wasn't keeping up with my blogs or FB!!! He is precious, precious, precious! And I love his name, too. You look great for having just had a baby. Amazing how much more comfortable you feel with your second than your first, isn't it? Although you are right, it is soooooo tiring! You'll get used to it (notice how I didn't say it'll get easier; it won't, but you will get your routine down eventually and that helps!).

    Again, congrats and much love to your new family of FOUR!


  5. It is amazing how similar Connor and Adian look to each other. Glad you have a little bit of help with Jason now and your mom later in the week. You look great for someone who just gave birth! In retrospect I sort of wish I took a picture right after I gave birth. In all of the pictures I hid the baby in front of my belly. Glad to hear that the second delivery is easier. I guess you need it since there are 2 kids now! Enjoyed the update and pictures!


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