Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Connor {Three Weeks}

Our little guy turned three weeks old yesterday! He is all ready starting to fill out in the face and looks different than he did when he was a little, pink newborn at the hospital.

Connor is really starting to show a personality. When he is awake he wants to be held. He'll screech to let you know that he is ready for your attention.

We attempted "tummy time" for the first time this week. Aidan wanted to sit with Connor underneath his play gym and "help" Connor on his tummy. Our little guy did NOT like being on his stomach at all!

Aidan is still loving his role as big brother and is showing signs of being protective of Connor when other kids are around.

Connor is still sleeping really well through the night and usually gives me one 5-hour interval. Now, if only I were smart enough to actually be asleep during that time!

 Daddy calls Connor "chow down clown" because he eats ALL of the time! He is definitely growing more and more each day. I'm excited to see what he weighs at his two month appointment!

Things are becoming easier as I learn to balance time between both of my boys. Although some days prove to be more challenging than others.

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful boys in my life. :)



  1. Oh, that picture of A and C on the couch steals my breath a little. They are just too cute! I think *I'm* still adjusting to A being a big brother! ;) Love you, mama. *hugs*

  2. We have that same "smile" onesie! On the tummy time -- on FB a while back, I posted something about how C hated it (he was about 6 weeks at the time, I think). Meredith McMillan sent me back an article about Magda Garber, and the whole theory that you should never put a baby in a position they can't get in to or out of themselves. I didn't really agree with a lot of the stuff in the article, but it at least made me FEEL better when I didn't force tummy time until C was about 4 months old!

  3. Connor looks so much like Daddy! Wow! Glad you are finding a balance..the pics of the two of them are just too sweet!


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