Monday, September 26, 2011

Engaged {A Photo Shoot}

I love Pampers and Huggies. Why? Well, they fit my kiddos nicely, don't leak and offer sensitive varieties for their tender tushies... but, above all else, I love them because I rack up points every time I purchase their products! Woot! (Seriously, if you use either one of these brands, I highly recommend signing up for their rewards programs. It's worth it. They have everything from gift cards and magazine subscriptions to toys and Shutterfly offers.)

I have saved up quite a few points, waiting to spend them on something I really wanted and/or needed. I have cashed in on my Pampers twice, both times to make Shutterfly photo books for Aidan.  

For free!

A few weeks ago I was checking out what I could buy with my recent accumulation of points and noticed I could use them towards announcements from Shutterfly. I thought photo announcements would be great to send out as our Save the Date cards for our upcoming nuptials this June. (Eek! So much to do, so little time!) Plus, they were free with my points. Even better!

Unfortunately, Jason and I don't have too many pictures of just the two of us.Once you have a kid, you find that most of your pictures are of either you or your spouse with your child. Since I don't think it'd be a great idea to teach Aidan how to use our expensive camera, we don't have very many pictures of Jason and I together.
Also, I've been pregnant for the past 9 months and really didn't want to be preggo in our Save the Date pictures.

Luckily, we have a fabulous friend who offered to take some pictures for us over the weekend. He is also the one who took Aidan's picture for our Christmas card last year.

Remember this?
Seriously, how cute  is my child??

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures that he took!

We've never had any professional photos taken before, but I think these look wonderful! 
What do you think?

Happy Monday, friends. :)



  1. Great photos! It will be hard to decide!

  2. Your photos are really cute! I especially like the ones with the barn in the background. I used a few packs of disposables when I was at my parent's house. I pulled off the rewards sticker, but since we don't use disposables I was not going to enroll myself. If I think of it next time I'm there I'll e-mail you the codes.

  3. They're all pretty amazing pictures, but I think the first one is my favorite. It's simple, real, perfect.

  4. I love your photos! My favorite is the second to last. :)


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