Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Connor {Five Weeks Old}

Well, believe it or not, our little dude is all ready FIVE weeks old! He is starting to lose that newborn look and is turning into a chubby baby. Thankfully, he still has that new baby smell! Don't you wish they could just bottle that up?

He is starting to have more and more periods of alert awakeness and loves to watch Aidan. He is truly fascinated by his goofy, big brother.

Aidan also really likes to spend time with Connor. He loves to help whenever he can and is always giving his little brother kisses.

This past week, we've also been blessed by the presence of Connor's smile. It's heartmelting and officially adorable.

Right now he seems to equally love Mommy and Daddy. He enjoys staring, lying and cooing with both of us. And he even took his first bottle with Daddy last night!

It's amazing how he will immediately calm down when I pick him up. It's as if he is instantly calm and secure in my arms.

I absolutely love all of his facial expressions! He is going to be one silly kid!

 Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers with Connor's reflux. His doctor prescribed him two medications which he is taking seven times a day. So far, they seem to be helping a great deal! He is not screaming in pain anymore and is sleeping better. Now he's able to just be one of the boys and not have to worry about feeling awful. :)

Tomorrow Connor gets to meet is Nana and Papa (Jason's parents) who are flying in from Ohio for a few days. I know he will love them as much as Aidan does! We just need to be sure that Nana doesn't get her "baby hog" on like she did with Aidan.... Ha ha! :)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. What a cutie! Love all those pics. Glad that the meds are working for him too.

    And yes..that baby smell is amazing!

  2. Your boys are so sweet together. Jason must be superman to hold both boys at the same time. I'm going to show that picture to Dylan when he gets home. He thinks carrying Kyton is too much.


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