Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Charlie Brown {A Tripawd Update}

It's been overwhelming in our little house these past few weeks. If you remember, our boxer, Charlie, was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer a few weeks ago. Since then, he has had a leg amputated, enjoyed a few good days at home and was then re-hospitalized for a severe infection for five days. We finally have our boy home (hopefully for good!) and he seems to be slowly getting back to his old self.

Night before leg amputation
His best friend, Flippy, had a hard time while Charlie was gone. Flippy's life revolves around his big brother and he missed him greatly when he was in the hospital.

When Charlie initially came home, we had him wear a t-shirt to cover up his large incision site. He has a 12-inch incision in his side that is held together with staples. The shirt is a light barrier between his incision and anything that it may come into contact with.

It was very hard to see him without his leg for the first time. It has now been two weeks since his surgery and it's still hard. I am always waiting to see his other leg and it's simply not there.


Dogs are amazing creatures. Charlie was walking immediately after his surgery. Imagine our surprise when we went to pick him up.... we couldn't believe how happy he was and how well he could all ready balance himself on three legs.

When we got home he was ready to run around the yard!

Unfortunately, after he had been home for about five days, Charlie started feeling pretty badly. His incision was leaking quite a bit, he wouldn't eat or drink and was extremely lethargic. A late night call to the hospital confirmed that we should be worried. The on-call doctor met Jason and Charlie that evening and it was decided that he should be admitted.

Our poor boy developed a pretty nasty infection. His skin around parts of his incision site had become necrotic and had to be removed. When they went to open him up to check out the infection, infected fluid came pouring out of him. After putting him in IV fluids and antibiotics, he started to perk up a bit.

They ended up keeping him for five days and sent him home with a tube inserted underneath his skin that runs into a small port which we have to drain three times a day. He will wear this for two weeks, and if all goes well it will be removed the day before Thanksgiving. Our boy has also lost about 15 pounds since he became sick, so our goal is to get him back into shape.

Once he is infection-free we will start chemo treatments. Charlie Brown is a trooper and we are so glad that he is feeling better. 


We love our sweet boy. :)

 Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. It means so much to us that Charlie has a support system and people rooting him on. He sends tail wags and wet, sloppy kisses out to you all!


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  1. Charlie, never fear, if I can kick osteosarcoma's butt for two years, you can kick it for more! Hang in there and when you want to spend time with others who are beating cancer, come to Tripawds and share your story OK?


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