Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I think....

That I've said Yes....

It's from the 2011  Pronovias Collection. They're a wedding gown designer based in Barcelona and they make absolutely gorgeous, whimsical dresses... as you can see from the pictures above.
Never in my wildest dreams did I picture myself wearing a dress like one of these. But, once I slipped into my gown-to-be... I just knew!

Am I totally committed?

I think so!


P.S. My gown is NOT pictured here. I can't spoil the surprise! :)


  1. So beautiful!! You're going to be gorgeous :) xoxo, darlin!

  2. This is a bit of a secret, but in early 2012 I'm going to be introducing wedding cake toppers (styled like my ornaments) into my Etsy shop. Just as an FYI ;)

  3. Those are all gorgeous, so you obviously won't be able to go wrong with anything from this collection! I especially liked the one-strap number, and I'm usually not a fan of that style. Just don't spent too much money -- you'll wear the dress for one day, inevitably spill red wine on it, then it will spend the rest of its existence in a box in your closet :)

  4. Oh heavens ... you're going to be a BEAUTIFUL bride, my friend.

    I miss you.


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