Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Connor {13 Weeks or 3 Months}

It's hard to imagine that Connor is all ready three months old. He seems to tiny, yet so big at the same time. 


 He has been trying out his Bumbo chair. He usually lasts about five minutes max before he wants out.

He definitely still prefers his bouncer or swing over the Bumbo for now.


His personality is really starting to shine. Connor is an extremely smiley, happy, giggly baby. He doesn't cry very often and is still sleeping a solid 10 hours at night. Sometimes I feel like he plays second fiddle to Aidan, since my active toddler definitely demands more attention from Mommy than my sweet baby does.

He also absolutely adores Daddy and Aidan.

And Mommy's not so bad, either! We both love our one-on-one time that we have when Aidan is napping or after he has gone to bed in the evening. He really likes to be sung and spoken to. It makes my heart sing to see how his little face lights up when he gets Mommy's undivided attention. :)

He is starting to like tummy time more these days. And he gets excited when he sees the "baby" in the mirror  when he's in his play gym!  He actually rolled over from back to front for the firsts time when he was in his gym last week. I was amazed and so proud of him! It wasn't a fluke either, as he is still doing it. But, he gets made once he is on his belly and can't get back to his back. All in good time, little man! :)


I'm glad he has born in September. It's exciting that we get to celebrate Christmas with two kids this year!

Oh how I love my little man!



  1. I love your family photo. Ky went through a stage where he'd flip, but then fuss since he hated being on his belly. We'd turn him over and he would do it all over again. Thankfully he's over that stage. I love your family photo at the end!

  2. Emily, Connor is so cute! :)


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