Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Babbles

Hello friends! How have you been enjoying your February?

Ours has been a busy, yet exciting one...

*  a certain little boy in our house turned TWO this month! He has grown into such a goofy, inquisitive, energetic sweetheart. :) His vocabulary is amazing, he loves helping out whenever he can and he adores his baby brother.We celebrated with a party at the Little Gym with twelve of his friends. It was a great time!


*  our little baby Connor is all ready five months old! He can roll over both ways, loves his jumperoo is captivated by his big brother, smiles and laughs constantly and sleeps twelve hours through the night! He is a genuinely happy boy. :)


*  we were lucky enough to have both sets of our parents visit this month. Jason's parents made the long drive down from Ohio and were able to be here for both Aidan's birthday and his party. My parents came a few days after they left and stayed for a long weekend. The kids had a great time with all of their wonderful grandparents.

* I have fallen in love with Downtown Abbey. Have you seen it? I have been catching up with it on Netflix and am hooked!


* Weight Watchers has been very good to me... In the past five weeks I have lost 17.5 pounds! I've all ready gone down two pant sizes and who knows how many inches! I really feel that I will hit my goal weight before our wedding. If you are thinking  about losing weight, I'd highly recommend this program. You can eat whatever you want as long as you stay within your points value. I even ate a donut this weekend! :)

*  We have decided to become foster parents... for a boxer puppy. We love the breed dearly and would like to help out in some way.  We're not quite ready to adopt another dog after losing our precious Charlie, but think it would be great to help out a sweet pup until they can find their forever home!

* "this past weekend I picked out my veil and shoes for the wedding. I can't believe we'll be getting married in four months! I'll be heading back to Ohio shortly for a long weekend of wedding to-dos.. checking out the venue, food tasting, hair trial, meetings with the florist and our officiant and more!

I hope you have all been doing well. I'm going to try to start posting  more regularly... probably a few times a week. I miss blogging and all of my lovely friendships.



  1. Yay! Happy to see you back :) Sounds like things are wonderful on your end. I'm so glad you like WW so much!!

  2. Wow, that's amazing weight loss progress! I know you picked out a dress, but have you ordered it yet? It sounds like your seamstress is going to have to do some MAJOR tailoring!

  3. SO happy to see this post! :) YAY! I miss you, sweetie! Sounds like a lot of good stuff is happening in your world and I'm so happy about that. LOVE YOU!

  4. So excited you are back! Way to go on the weight loss that is amazing. One of my client's does weight watchers and I really think it is the best program to be on. Can't wait to hear about the wedding details.

    Happy Birthday to your little guy! 2 is a wonderful age.


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