Monday, April 30, 2012

Going Green

When we bought our house, the backyard needed a little help. The previous owners had planted a plethora of plants and fruit trees, which were beautiful, yet a bit high maintenance for Jason and I. To be honest, neither one of us would exactly qualify for the Green Thumb Club. After the first freeze of the year, we lost most of the them, since they were tropical plants. 

Oh, and did I mention that our yard also looked like this?

With three tall trees blocking out sunlight, it was hard nearly impossible for the grass to grow. Jason took it upon himself to cut a few limbs, but it didn't help. So, we decided to bring in a professional.

They started by trimming the branches of the two main trees, then completely chopping off the top of our crepe myrtle (which is supposed to be trimmed yearly, but by the looks of it, had never been done).

Then a crew arrived bright and early one morning and dug up what little grass we had. They also put in a french drain to help with some drainage/flooding issues we were having. Dirt was brought in and the yard was leveled. 

Then, this showed up in our driveway. Sod, beautiful sod!

In no time... our yard looked like this!



Can you believe the difference? 

The look on Aidan's face as he plays in the sprinkler made this transformation worth it. We are so happy with our new yard! 

What a difference grass makes. :)


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