Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Talkative Two Year Old

There's a little boy in this house who LOVES to talk. He literally has something to say about everything. He is one continuous running commentary... observing everything he sees and talking incessantly about it.


He must take after his Mama. Ha!

There are still moments when we're unsure of what Aidan is saying, as some of his words are less than perfect when it comes to pronunciation.


Here are a few of my favorite "Aidan-isms"...

Aidan- "Yay Yay" (We all get a kick out of the fact that he calls himself this... and when he says 'Yay' he says "Yay! Yay Yay!" It's adorable.)
Semi Truck- "Ooh Ooh Truck"
Monkey- "Ooh Ooh"
Santa- "Toosha"
Gram- "May" (This is what he calls my Mom)
Connor- "Cotter"
Caleb- "Kaytoe"
Chocolate milk- "Chocky Moke"
Potty- "Poppy" 
Diamond- "My May" (Our foster puppy)
Hokey Pokey-  "Oh Hee"
Ohio- "I Ho"

Some other anecdotes are...

* He puts his toys and our dogs in timeout
* Every morning he wants to go into Connor's room with me and say "Morning Cotter!"
* Whenever he sees a  park he says "Play slide!"
* He likes to help Mommy with the laundry, dishwasher, and recently has wanted to start feeding Connor "Mommy's milk"... He actually puts the boppy around himself and wants me to put Connor on it. It's so cute!


* When we are going somewhere in the car he either thinks we are going to see "Norma" (his teacher at school) or that we're going to Target... (I think that's a sign that we visit the old bullseye too often!)
 * He loves counting and saying his ABC's.. Most mornings we'll hear him doing a combination of both over the monitor.. You know.. "A, B, C, 5, 6, W, X, Y, 10!"
 * He is Daddy's little helper. They work together outside and in the garage. He also spots "stinky poos" in the yard for Daddy to pick up. Yuck!
*  Aidan loves to build things with his legos and blocks, play with trucks, dance to silly songs, do puzzles and read books.

I sure do love our boy! It's so awesome that we can have actual conversations. :)



  1. Your post sort of cheered me uo today. I'm a little sad that Ky is getting older and not a tiny baby anymore. It's exciting to see the things he will be able to do, and think of the conversations we'll have. Aidan sounds like such a cute kid, and a great big brother. When he feeds mommy's like does he pretend to nurse, or give a bottle?

  2. Such a cutie! I love when they get on a roll with talking!

    Will does the same about Target!!

  3. My favorite is that he says Mary Kay like "Mare Cape". You have such a wonderful boy.


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