Monday, April 23, 2012

The Plant Situation

Our living room is one of my favorite rooms in our home. It is, afterall, our only living space, so I thrive to make it as cozy as comfortable. Growing  up, my mother filled our home with live plants. She tended to them with love and to this day, she has many plants in her new home that were around in my childhood. 

I have always wanted my children to associate our home with love and comfort; and I think plants can convey that perfectly. 

Unfortunately, I live with a very troublesome toddler and an almost crawler. So, that leaves me with limited areas to actually place plants. On the kitchen table? Nope. On the floor? Definitely not! A plant stand? Ha!

This Mama had to get pretty creative to incorporate plants into our decor. Interested to see what I did?

Ta da! Plant on the mantel. 

And, not just any plant. One of sentimental value. We drove it all the way back from Ohio (1600 miles) with us. This is a plant from Jason's grandfather's funeral. I really wanted to bring some type of flower back with me, but I knew they wouldn't with stand the trip. 

This hearty, little guy was all ready planted and placed in this cute little basket. He did just fine on the trip back to Texas. He seems to enjoy his new home next to my ceramic owl. And everytime I look at it, I am reminded of a wonderful soul that I dearly miss. :)

Next up is another great idea you can use to incorporate plants in your home, even with the looming threat of curious, little hands close by.

Simply hang one on the wall! We both love hanging a plant over the fish tank. It just seems so cozy and nature-like (right?!).

We bought the shepherd's hook, cone shaped basket and plant all separately at Lowe's. When we got home, we put them all together, drilled the hook into the wall and called it a day. 

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of this plant. But, it's a grower, due to the awesome amount of  Texas sunlight it gets daily. Twice a month  I take the scissors to her to trim up the longer vines that seem to grow rather quickly. On more than one occasion I have found Aidan tugging on a long vine with all of his might, hoping to pull the plant down. But, as long as I keep it trimmed, there are no worries of that happening.

And, as a last minute addition to this post, I picked up this sweet, little potted daisy at my local grocery store yesterday. At only $2.99, I couldn't resist. I was feeling daring, so I placed her on my new (Craigslisted), blue table.

She adds a happy, fresh floral addition to the room. (Those yellow flowers in the background are fakers!)

Even though I don't foresee this plant lasting very long on an end table, I love how she looks. 


So friends, that's how we use plants here in these parts. How do you use plants??

I'm linking up with the Nester's planty party today.


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  1. Love that table and way to go on getting creative with the plants!


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