Thursday, May 31, 2012

School's Out

Last Thursday Aidan had his last day of "school". Technically it's not really school, it's a Mother's Day Out program.

But, he absolutely loved it!

He has grown so much since September. From a "baby" of an 18 month-old (he was the youngest in his class)...

Aidan's first day of school

to a tall, outgoing firecracker of a two year-old!

Aidan's last day of school

The church that he goes to actually does have preschool classes and on their last day of school they held a graduation ceremony for the kids who will be heading to kindergarten in the fall.

All of the different classes sang songs, recited poems and performed for their families. And, I'll admit it, I did get a bit teary eyed. I can't even imagine the emotional rollercoaster I'll be riding when  Aidan actually graduates from preschool!

I absolutely love Aidan's teachers.They were kind, caring, creative and I know that they truly loved my little boy. Everyday when he wakes up he asks me if he is going to go see "Norma" and "Jennifer" his two wonderful teachers.


I am so thankful to them for making his time away from me so much fun. He truly loved getting up and going to school two days a week. I am hoping that his teachers next year are just as great as they were!

It's hard to watch our little ones grow up, but I am glad that Aidan is enjoying every moment of it!

I found this on Pinterest the other day and thought it was such a great idea... first day of school and last day of school pictures. Simply awesome. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monster Mash

Even though most of my free time is spent on wedding planning these days, I still like to think ahead about other important days that are in the not so distant future.

Like my baby boy's first birthday! In a little over three months, my sweet Connor will be turning the BIG OH-ONE!

I've been wracking my brain, and of course scouring Pinterest like a crazy woman, looking for ideas. And I've come up with one that's just right for him.

A monster-themed pool party! We decided to make things easier on us (and our home) and rented out the pool at our local YMCA for a few hours in the morning. Fun for the kids and much less mess for us to clean up!

Here are some of the great ideas I've pinned so far:

Adorable Invitations

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Monster Party Food

Easy Decor Ideas

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Cupcakes :)

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

DIY Favors

I'll be excited to really get the planning started once we are officially married and back home from our wedding in Ohio. 

It's hard to imagine that he'll be one in such a short period of time!

Linking up with the Vintage Apple today.

Happy Wednesday! :)


Friday, May 25, 2012

DIY Flower Girl Baskets

 When it came to our wedding this past June, I knew that I wanted to DIY some things to make our special day more personalized (and it helped to save money where we could, too!).

One of the things I decided to make myself  were our flower girl baskets.

I'm in love.

They are simple, yet beautiful.

I just didn't like the all-white, silky ones lurking in the wedding aisles of JoAnns, Michaels and Hobby Lobby, so I knew I was going to make my own. I just had to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.

This is my final product! Don't you just love them?

Here's what you need to make your own sweet flower girl baskets:
  • Basket
  • Two spools of ribbon (coordinating colors)
  • Fake flower (your choice)
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
I decided on these smaller Longaberger looking baskets from Michaels. I think the girls will be able to get their hands in them easily enough and they're not too big, either.

 These flowers I found are great. I loved their size and color, and also that they are daisies (which will be used prominently throughout our wedding flower decor). I simply clipped the flower to the basket.. and that was it!

Then  I glued a dot in the inside handle of one of the baskets. I just wove the ribbon around the handle and glued  it at the other end.

I did the same thing with the white ribbon, I just started on the opposite end of the handle.

At this point I thought the basket was a lacking something, so I decided to glue the yellow ribbon around the top trim of the basket.

Huge improvement!

Now for a few more pictures....

I can't wait to see my two beautiful flower girls walk down the aisle in these baskets. Now the question is.. real or fake petals? What do you think??


Here's the cost breakdown for my flower girl baskets:
  • Baskets ($3.99 each)
  • Ribbon ($1.98 for both)
  • Flowers ($1.98 each)
Total cost for both baskets:  $13.92

To give you an idea of what flower girl baskets usually cost... This basket from JoAnns is $19.99. Definitely not my style.

I love that I was able to incorporate my own "touch" into our wedding day. It's so fun to be creative and crafty when you can to make your day even more memorable and personal! :)

You can read more about our wedding here, here, here, here and here!

Friday, May 4, 2012

These are the Days

Do you ever have one of those days? You know, the one where things just seem to fall into place perfectly?

There are no timeouts, but plenty of giggles, fun and games. A day where you are spontaneously kissed and hugged by your toddler. Every moment is one you hope to keep close to your heart and pray that you'll remember in 20 years.

There have been a few of these days recently in our household. The stars align and my boys bring out the best in each other and me. We spend hours laughing, building block towers, playing "I'm gonna get you" and "tickle monster", watching "choo choo train" videos on the computer, singing songs at the top of our lungs and just enjoying each others company.

My sweet babe falls asleep snuggled up in my arms, and instead of going to lay him in his crib, I let him slumber on my chest. Never wanting to let go of his dimpled, chubby arms, warm body and unmatchable baby smell.

These are the days every Mom lives for. The perfectly unperfect ones. Because, toys are still not picked up, cookies still crumble and the dog's bowl tips over. But, that's okay.

I love my boys so much it hurts. And sometimes I seem to forget that. I become so preoccupied with planning our wedding, or picking up toys, or washing the dishes that I momentarily forget what really  matters.



I feel that when I give myself to them completely, those are the best days. When they have my undivided attention, when I don't tell them to "wait one more minute", when I let them take my hand and play ring around the rosey for the 20th time. And I need to do it more. 

Days like these are few and far between. We must cherish them. Hold onto them dearly. Because sooner than we think, our  kids will be grown and all we will have are memories. Precious memories.

Happy weekend, friends! :)



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