Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beautiful Butterflies

 Taking a break from the wedding posts today... Enjoy!

We are really lucky to live in a large city that offers so much to do, especially for a family with younger children. Earlier this summer we decided to venture out to the Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

I had taken the boys with our playgroup back when Connor was only a few months old. Aidan enjoyed himself, but I don't think he really paid much attention to the butterflies. He was a bit preoccupied by chasing his friends everywhere! Afterall, he wasn't even two yet.

This time, we went with Daddy, and had a blast! The exhibit is housed in a three story glassed in building. There is a waterfall right in the center surrounded by lush greenery and thousands of butterflies fly freely thoughout.




 They have bowls with wet sponges and fruit scattered about where the butterflies land to eat and drink.

Jason had a few butterflies land on his hat!

Aidan was excited, but also very freaked out about this. He didn't want to go near the butterflies once they had landed on Daddy! 

You aren't allowed to bring in strollers, so I wore Connor in my sling. It was VERY warm in there, so we were both a bit uncomfortable from the heat. But, he loved spotting the butterflies, too!

Besides butterflies they had a few fish exhibits and an iguana living in the Butterfly Center.

We have been letting Aidan take pictures lately... Here's one he took of Daddy. :)

Before you bet into the glassed in area, you walk up through a few floors of exhibits, including different types of insects and a huge display of live cocoons hatching. It's really interesting! Once you're in the actual Butterfly Center, you start on the third floor and make your way down to the first. Aidan really loved watching the waterfall splash into the pool at the bottom.

Of course our visit wasn't complete without getting a picture on the giant caterpillar! :)

What types of outings do you go on with your little ones?

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