Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Love Your Art

Back in March while attending the Dallas Tulip and Art Festival, we happened upon a booth that immediately took my fancy.

It featured works by Studio Di Stefano, a sister duo who create original works of art, that are absolutely beautiful. Each piece is unique, yet they would all look wonderful together on a gallery wall. I love the sense of whimsy they portray.

Lucky for me, Jason also liked the prints and allowed me to choose three to take home. After hemming, hawing and changing my mind for 20 minutes, I finally settled on these three prints:

Summer Flowers- Studio DiStefano
Title Unknown- Studio DiStefano

Summer Songs- Studio  DiStefano

After buying some inexpensive frames at Michaels, they were hung in our breakfast room. Every morning while eating breakfast, I look at them and smile. Aidan likes to say "hello, baby birds" to them whenever he walks by.


I love this art.

A friend of mine once told me that she collected "meaningful art" with her husband. They would buy a piece of artwork wherever and whenever they traveled. I loved the idea. Except, we aren't exactly world travelers. Most of our trips consist of visiting family in Ohio. That's it.

So, I decided that we could still buy meaningful art. Art that we both love. Art that we are excited about and eager to display in our home. It doesn't have to be bought in some exotic locale for it to have special meaning.

In July we were browsing booths at the Reliant World Dog Show and stumbled upon their booth again! We would've thought that they would be set up at a dog show?

I was with a good friend and told her how much I appreciated their whimsical pieces. With husbands and children in tow, we browsed their pieces together.

This time we took the plunge with a larger print and couldn't be happier with it! Our friends also purchased three pieces to hang in a new home they recently purchased.

Flower House- Studio DiStefano

Right now it's hanging up on the wall by itself. I'm really not sure where it will end up, but I wanted to display our newest piece immediately.

I'm excited to "stumble" upon them again sometime in the near future so that we can add to our collection! There are a few pieces I have my eye on... ;)

Do you collect meaningful art?

*Disclaimer: I was in no way paid or perked for this post. I enjoy this artwork and wanted to share it with the blogosphere. Studio DiStefano has no idea who I am... but I'd love it if they did!

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