Monday, September 10, 2012

Connor's Monster Birthday Party!


Over the weekend we celebrated Connor's first birthday with a Monster Party. We held it at our local YMCA, and it was an awesome time! :)


I tried to make some "monster-themed" food, and found this great idea for a watermelon monster on Pinterest! (Particularly from here and here.)

I also made mini monster waffle sandwiches. The kids could choose from peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and nutella. I also had some plain waffles for the babies to munch on. I topped them off with  candy eyeballs from Wilton that I found at Michaels.

 For a sweet treat, I made chocolate covered pretzel rods. I melted up some milk chocolate chips, dipped the rods in them, used a spatula to spread the chocolate on evenly, then topped with sprinkles or more monster eyes!


And, of course, we had monster cupcakes! They are funfetti cupcakes topped with homemade buttercream icing. I used a grass piping tip to create the fun look and topped them with candy eyeballs, too!

The goodie bags were adorable! Stop by later this week for a tutorial on how I made each kid their own individual monster goodie bag to take home. :)

We managed to get in a family photo before the festivities began.
We were so happy that Jason's parents were able to come and help us celebrate Connor's big day!

 He spent a lot of time with both of them splashing in the water!

He had quite a few little baby friends come to wish him happy birthday!


 A few of them even helped him eat his cupcake!


 Connor absolutely LOVED being the center of attention when we all sang "Happy Birthday!" I think he could get used to being serenaded on a regular basis.


Connor and Daddy sharing a cupcake.
Proud parents!

 Aidan really enjoyed the day, too! He's always up for a party where there's cupcakes, chocolate AND water!

All of Connor's friends are younger siblings of Aidan's friends, so he had plenty of playmates to goof around with. :)

 It's hard to believe that this first year has flown by. It was awesome to celebrate with our close friends (and family, too!). We are so lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives.

We love you, Connor! Happy birthday! :)

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  1. Amazing party! We had such a good time and everything was adorable! So nice to see a snapshot of Little Red here. I didn't get one yesterday! I hope you are pinning these party decorations because they are amazing. Oh, and can you show me how you did your collage? :-D


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