Friday, October 26, 2012

This Year Will be Different

There's something about this last weekend in October. For as long as I can remember, it's signaled the beginning of the holiday season for me. Halloween is only a few days away and in my childhood, it was often spent trudging through the snow, wearing a winter jacket over my costume as I went door to door to retrieve my candy. :)

I don't know if it's because of the change in the air- that crisp, cool smell, signalling the first snowfall isn't far off. Or perhaps it's just knowing that as a child, there are special days filled with warm, cozy fires, cups of hot cocoa, holidays spent laughing with family and eating good food, and the thought of Christmas presents arriving from Santa in the near future that make this weekend feel so special to me. I do know that this feeling has been lost on me the past few years.

I blame in on the insufferable heat and confused "seasons" that we have here in East Texas. And also the fact that as an adult, Christmas and holidays in general, have become extremely stressful. But, this year, this year is different. I can feel it. Not only was it a cool and blustery day today, I also smelled it. I smelled Fall. And something more.  I can't describe it, but it was as if for a moment I could breathe in all of that joy and excitement I once had as a child.

Perhaps it's because we have decided that we are not going to Ohio for Christmas. That we will be spending it as a little family of four. Just knowing that we I don't have to stress out over packing, flying, and visiting countless family members and friends over the holiday season has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. This year, I'm excited for Christmas! Excited for new traditions to begin for us and our boys. Excited to put up outside Christmas decor for the first time. And excited to just be at home with the four people that I love most in this world.

I'm excited for our house to look like this again. :)
Even though we'll be busy this holiday season, it's wonderful to know that we will be busy as a family. I'm hoping to share my holiday joy with my little ones this year.

It's in the air... do you feel it?

Are you getting into the holiday spirit? Am I crazy for even writing this post when it's only October?

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  1. I know how holidays change. Last year, Halloween was just a hastle. This year it was fun. I actually dressed up for the first time in ages...and not just a "this is the easiest thing I could come up with dress up." And man was it fun. I felt like a little kid again.


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