Friday, October 5, 2012

Wedding Party {Texas Style}

Today is not going my way. My toddler had an epic fit in Barnes and Noble, and I'm extremely surprised that we weren't banned for life. No, really.

To cheer myself up and to spare you all the details of my morning,  I thought I'd instead share with you the party that our BFFs threw to celebrate our wedding. :)

Jason and I are so lucky to have formed  such great friendships down here. Not only did our best friends come all the way to Ohio for our wedding (with children in tow!), they also honored us with an amazing Texas-style post-wedding celebration. :)

The decorations followed a yellow, blue and white color scheme.

A Silhouette was used to create the adorable banner. I love the little bird accents! :)

The food was awesome! Homemade queso and guacamole, fresh fruit, veggies and hummus...

And let's not forget the Texas BBQ! Delicious!

For dessert? An ice cream cake from our favorite custard stand, complete with an image of Jason and I on top. How cute is this?

There were also cupcakes, mini lemon cakes and chocolate praline cookies.

My favorite detail of the whole event? Custom M&Ms with our names and picture on them. They were amazing!

We had a wonderful time celebrating with our friends here in Texas that didn't come to our wedding. We will never be able to thank our hosts enough for throwing us such a beautiful party!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I missed a beautiful party! And I need to get a camera- great shots!

  2. The color scheme and decorations are adorable! :)

  3. Those M&M's were so cute, and I loved the cake! Great party, y'all certainly know how to do it 'Texas Style' :)


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