Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Halloween {2012}

I realize that this post is a bit late, as Halloween was last Wednesday. But, we had a crazy week last week (hence only one post up for y'all to enjoy!) and so I'm finally getting around to sharing our fun-filled day. :)

We started our Halloween off by piling into the car and heading to a local farm with our playgroup. I had organized a special "field trip" of sorts for us that day, and we were able to get in with a cheaper group rate, that included all the bells and whistles that you normally pay extra for if you go on the weekends. This is the same farm we went to at the beginning of the month with Daddy.

The boys had a great time feeding the goats...

Picking pumpkins in the field...

And "driving" the big tractor!

We all had a great time with our friends and were ready for naps by the time 1pm rolled around!

Later that evening we headed our to trick-or-treat with some friends of ours. The boys wore their clown costumes that they wore to Zoo Boo again. They looked adorable!

Their little friends were Minnie Mouse...

and Mickey Mouse!

And of course, I once again put on my best clown duds. My friend, Jason, even got in on the clown action and put on his own clown suit. :)

I think Aidan is a little scared of us... ;)

The four kids starting off trick-or-treating with the Daddies. The babies rode in the wagon, while the big boys walked from door to door. They were a little nervous approaching the first house, but quickly caught onto the fact that trick-or-treating = running + candy + fun! Later on the Moms took the big boys to a few more houses while the babies and Daddies passed out candy.

Aidan also LOVED  passing out candy to the bigger kids who stayed out a little later. He was stern about telling them to take "one piece... ONE piece!". Such a cutie! :)

We had such a great day. It's so much fun watching my boys get into the spirit of holidays and really enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, the day after Halloween I took Connor to the doctor (for the second time that week) and found out he has Hand, Food and Mouth Disease. Needless to say the rest of our week and this past weekend wasn't too great. Luckily our little guy is on the mend and seems much better! :)

Enjoy your Monday, friends.

P.S. Can you believe that my little man is 14 months old today? Where has the time gone?!

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