Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Purpose and Laughter

One of the purposes for rearranging our master bedroom was to have more open space. A place where the kids can play while I'm getting ready in the morning, a spot to lie on the floor to read a book, or just another space to go to have some quiet time while the other sibling is napping.

So far, it's been a wonderful use of space. It's purpose is being used every single day. And this makes me happy. :)


I want our home to comfortable and inviting. I want it to feel lived in. And I do not want our children to think that any area is off limits. I feel as if we are well on our way to making our bedroom not only child-friendly, but family friendly.


Once my vision is complete, I see us having movie night with our little guys snuggled up with us on soft cushions, sharing popcorn and laughing at a Disney film. I see them bringing in their legos and trucks and playing on the floor, without fear of getting in Mommy's way. These thoughts and visions bring a smile to my face. :)

Before we literally had no extra space and I found myself constantly getting irritated when the kids would want to play while I was getting stuff done in our bedroom. It always felt as if I was scolding them for wandering into the bedroom, usually just because they wanted to be near me. And it made me sad and frustrated. 


But now? Well, now things are looking up! :)

Connor and I have been making great use of the bedroom while Aidan is napping. Since my two boys rarely nap together these days, I find it's easier to hide away in our room so that the other one can sleep uninterrupted. I'm always in a constant fear of making too much noise while we're in the living room and having the sleeping child wake up unrested and irritable.

So, now on an almost daily basis we go into our new "fun spot" and play. We laugh, we run and we enjoy each other's company without worrying about making too much noise. It's wonderful. :)

One of Connor's favorite games to play is peekaboo with our bathroom door. He closes it and then pulls it open, peeks his little head around and let's out a loud belly laugh. His smile melts my heart. This boy is going to be trouble!
I'm still amazed at what a little bit of furniture rearranging has done for our home life. I don't feel as stressed out about not having a play room for the boys. I'm happy that we are able to play to our hearts content and laugh together as loud as we'd like without fear of waking up a sleeping child. And it's so much easier for me to get ready in the mornings. I'm not constantly peaking my head out the door to make sure they're getting into trouble while I'm not looking.


Do you feel that your rooms are serving their purpose? Are you using them to their fullest extent? 

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  1. Complicated question!!! We put a sunroom on our house years ago, and it went largely unused - even though we'd intentionally built it! Now, it's a dedicated playroom, and the kids love it. It's much better now!


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