Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rearranging {the Master Bedroom}

Living in a house the size of ours has its challenges. We don't have any "extra space" to utilize. No office, playroom, or even a second living area. Just one living room, a kitchen/breakfast area, two bathrooms, three bedrooms and a laundry room.

Two boys have lots of toys and can easily create "chaos" in our little home. I hate to admit it, but many times that chaos ends up on our master bedroom. It has become the dumping ground for goodwill items, books and toys that need repaired, junk mail, unfolded laundry and so much more. You know what I mean, right?

Well, I've decided to take our master bedroom back! I need to get more organized and I need to turn our bedroom into a functional, yet also relaxing place for Jason and our two little ones. :)

You may remember that this is what it looked like:

View from the door
View from the bed
It's a bit of an awkward space, but a decent size. We have a little "sitting area/nook", which is where we have our desk, dresser and my crafting area. But, our room felt so closed off.

One weekend I had had enough. While the boys were sleeping, I tore Jason away from football and he helped me rearrange our room. We are both so pleased with the results! 

View from the door
 We have so much more room! We love that we have an open area now in the room. The boys can come in and play and it's just easier to get around.

That's my cat on the bed, not a black blob!
 We moved our bed into the nook, and it fits just right! I have some major plans for that small space including a wall stencil, sconces, floating shelves and some new wall art. :)

 Here's my reupholstered chair, sitting pretty in the corner. I actually sit in it and read now! Amazing. :)

I caved and bought a few new accessories for our bedroom while I was out doing some shopping. This mirror is from Target, their Threshold collection and was on clearance for $6!

 It's my first sunburst mirror and I'm in love. :)

The lamp was a steal from Marshall's for only $30. I've had the white, flower tea light holder for a few years, but I believe it's from Home Goods.

This little picture is one of my favorites. I recently bought a print for a friend at Le Papier Studio and she included this inside as a card. Well, I decided to keep it for myself, since it reminded me so much of my two boys. I taped it on some cardstock and stuck it in a frame I all ready had from Marshall's. Isn't it sweet? 

I never decorate our room with flowers and decided it was time to start! These beautiful tulips were calling my name. :)

I love this picture of Jason and I from our wedding day. The block is from Marshalls, too.I made some good finds that day. Don't ya love that?

View from our bed
 You may have noticed that I haven't shown the other side of the room. It's a work in progress and I can't wait to share it with you when I'm done! You're so excited, right? I knew it. ;)

So there it is. Progress in the form of furniture rearranging and a few new accessories. What difference! Our room is well on the way to becoming a purposeful, functional and relaxing space for our whole family to enjoy. :)

Have you rearranged any furniture lately? Scored a good deal at one of your favorite stores?


  1. Two things -

    First, when you posted about this space a few months ago, I wondered why you didn't put the bed where it is now; I think it works perfectly there!

    And second, when you wrote "we have so much more room now," I immediately thought of the line from "Stepbrothers" (please tell me you've seen that movie!), where Will Ferrell's character says, "Now we have so much more room for activities." And so do you!


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