Friday, November 16, 2012

Young House Love Book Signing {Houston 2012}

Yesterday was an awesome day. Like, one of the most awesome days I've had in a LONG time!

Other than my wedding day, of course. Which can never really be topped.

So I guess it was one of the most awesomest days ever except for that time I got married to my soul mate! :)

Last night I went to the Young House Love book signing with my lovely friend, Lydia. We arrived at West Elm around 5pm, about an hour before it started. On the way we stopped off at Starbucks for a Peppermint Mocha (me) and a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (her). It was just the beginning of our fabulous evening! :)


If you are from Houston, then you know that the Highland Village area is a parking/driving nightmare. We lucked out and got a spot DIRECTLY in front of the the store. What are the odds? From then, we just knew we were in for a good night. We walked right  up to the store and realized that was no line at all outside. From reading other bloggers experiences, like Chelsea from 221 who waited 4 hours in line to see them in Chicago, I was expecting a line wrapped around the building and down the block.

Not so here in busy Houston, where the book signing was scheduled for 6pm. I walked into West Elm to find the restroom (too much peppermint mocha + nerves= potty break) and saw that there was a decent line inside the store. Luckily Lydia had grabbed a spot in line for us outside and by the time I got back, there were all ready over 50 people behind us. We were just in the nick of time! :)

While waiting we made friends with two pregnant women behind us and talked about all things baby and Mommy-related. It's always nice to have good line buddies. Because, let's face it, bad line buddies suck. Soon it was time for the cookies and hot cocoa to be passed out. Lydia snagged the last house and I was able to get the last heart. See? Good evening. Our line buddies were stuck with plain, undecorated gingerbread cookies. Definitely not as cool.


Once 6 o'clock rolled around the line started to move and before we knew it we were inside of the store. It was all dress up for Christmas and I wanted to buy everything inside. I don't think Jason would've been too pleased with that. Luckily for him, I was not on a shopping mission, but instead on a book signing mission. :)


After about 45 minutes of waiting inside we were up to the very front of the line. John and Sherry were in our vision and Lydia and I were both nervous. What would we say to them? Should we act all cool? Should we cry? Hmm... Decisions, decisions.

And then, the coolest thing ever happened! A local bakery made this awesome cake for John's birthday and the staff at West Elm decided it was time to sing to him. While we were right there at the front of the line! I was able to video tape the whole thing. Hurrah!

Here it is:

 The cake was seriously awesome. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good picture of it. But, here's a picture that Sherry took and posted on their instagram. And here's my picture of Sherry taking a picture of the cake. Ha!

 John and Sherry are such a normal couple. That's what I really love about them. They're  not stuck-up or snobby, they're just goofy like Jason and I. We'd definitely be BFFs if we lived near each other. (Does that sound stalkerish? It's not my intention, I swear!)

Before we knew it if was our turn... We walked up to their table where John and Sherry were waiting with big smiles on their faces. And here's how our conversation went:

John & Sherry: Hey guys, how's it going?
Me & Lydia: *speechless for a few seconds*
Me: Oh, well, we were just talking about kegels.

(Sidenote: I had to desperately pee again while we were in line but was afraid of leaving in case I missed anything. And I would've missed the happy birthday singing if I had gotten out of line. So then I started talking to our line buddies about how your kegels are never the same once you have kids and I was afraid that if I laughed/sneezed too hard I'd pee my pants)
Lydia: *nervous laughter*
John: What are kegels?
Sherry: They're vagina exercises, honey.

Yea... that happened. Awesome. 
Then one of the West Elm employees brought over a tape measure from John's cake that was all decorated with fondant, but it was also actually a piece of cake, too. The tape measure said "John 31" on it, since it was his 31st birthday. So then we discussed how it could be confused with John 3:16 and how he kind of had his own bible verse and whatnot.
It was funny and weird and they made both of us feel immediately relaxed. Then we had our obligatory photo taken with them and it was over.

Afterward, Lydia and I browsed West Elm and then headed a few doors down to Anthropologie. It was buzzing with activity and there was fancy food laid out on all of the tables. We asked around and found out that we had just missed a fashion show. But what we didn't miss was the free champagne that they were passing out. Score! 

After deciding if we should drop some serious cash, (we decided NOT) we dropped into P.F. Chang's for a delicious dinner.

See? Perfect night :)

I'm so glad that I got to meet John and Sherry, discuss vagina exercises and have them sign my copy of their book. 
What'd YOU do last night?
Happy Friday, folks. :)

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  1. I am CRACKING UP. I'm sure they will never ever forget you. ;)


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