Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Card Holder

A Christmas card holder... such a glorious idea. Yet, I don't have one. Well, atleast not one that does any good. You see, usually I just shove all of our Christmas cards in a tiny sleigh that sits on our entry table. It's convenient, but the smiling faces and warm wishes of family and friends are never seen. This year, I vow to change that!
Here's what I came up with. :)

What You'll Need:
* Small canvas (I used a 4x12)
* Red, white and green acrylic paint
* Sponge brush
* Mod podge
* Cardstock
* Scissors
* Ribbon
* Clothespins
* Silhouette (optional)

I started out by painting my canvas. I thought alternating green and red stripes would be festive and pretty! Be sure to let your paint dry completely before adding another coat. 


Next, use your  Silhouette to cut out a word or phrase you'd like to have on your canvas. I chose "believe" in the pegasus font. Coat canvas in a thin layer of mod podge and lay letters on top. The apply another thin layer of mod podge. Let dry completely.


Now, you're going to paint OVER the letters in the red and green paint. Let the paint dry. Trust me, it'll be okay! I promise. :)
This is where the fun begins! I decided I wanted my canvas to have an "aged" look to it. So, using a Q-tip, I spread white paint in little circles all around my canvas.
Then I used a paper towel and wiped the white paint all over my canvas, including the letters. Keep doing this until you get the desired effect that you are looking for.

All that's left is to staple your ribbon onto the back of your canvas. 


I hung my card holder on our pantry door in our kitchen. Want to see a little trick? Hang a command hook upside down on the back of the door, then simply secure your ribbon to it! Sneaky, huh?


These miniature clothespins worked perfectly to secure our Christmas cards to the ribbon. :)

It's so nice that we're able to keep all of our cards on display now! Aidan loves looking all all of his family and friends. He gets excited whenever we get a new card, because he gets to hang it on the card holder. 

How do you display your Christmas cards?

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