Monday, December 10, 2012

'Twas the Night Before Christmas {Free Printables}

I've always admired the various holiday printables that I see floating around Pinterest. I printed out an adorable one for my Thanksgiving decor and even have one up on my mantel for Christmas right now! Over the weekend I had a bit of free time and decided to try my hand at making my own.

And, they came out rather nicely, if I do say so myself.  

Here it is... my very own Christmas printable! Are you impressed or what?


I also made one in green! Now you can choose. :)

 Actually, I made one more!  It's not a "Night before Christmas" printable, but it came out nicely. I actually think it's my favorite. I'm a sucker for chevron. And birds. I love birds.

Download instructions:

1. Click on the printable you'd like to display.
2. A new screen will pop up. Right click on the picture and click save as.
3. Save and print.

I'd love to know if you displayed one in your home! Let me know. :)

Happy Monday, folks!

P.S. I realize they look "short", but it's only because they are white at the bottom. They'll look "normal" once printed. I promise! :)

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  1. These printables are off the hook! ;) So cute!

  2. Yes, I am impressed! I keep saying I am going to learn how to do that using Photoshop Elements but haven't gotten up the courage (or time) yet!

  3. Yes I am impressed! I keep saying I am going to learn how to make a printable using my Photoshop Elements program but have not gotten up the courage or had the time to do it yet!

    Good job!


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