Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tricyclin' Around

Lately, we've been having gorgeous weather here in Texas. Shorts and sandals have been the norm and we've been spending a lot of time outside, soaking up the sunshine. :)
Aidan received a tricycle from Santa for Christmas, and last weekend he took it for a spin around the block.

He decided that he wanted to let Connor in on the fun and even recruited Daddy to "escort" them down the sidewalk. :)

It's hard to imagine that he is big enough to ride a tricycle! He can actually pedal it on his own and is getting pretty handy at steering it all by himself!

Connor seems to love riding around with his big brother, too! I am so blessed to have such a sweet, little family. :)

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clothesline Valentine's Sign

 After hanging up my simple, doily garland on our mantel, I felt like the area above it was looking extremely bare. There were quite a few of the heart doilies leftover, so I through around a few ideas in my head. Here's what I came up with! :)
 I kind of made this up as I went, so bear with me! Here's what you'll need to get started:
*Picture Frame
*Staple Gun
*Silhouette, stencils or other crafty cutter
*Cardboard (I used an old cereal box)
*washi tape
*mod podge
*sponge brush
*heart doilies
*mini clothespins
I started off by cutting out a phrase on my Silhouette. I chose "Be Mine". After it had been cut, I traced them onto the sides of a cereal box. The letters on the cardstock were just too fragile for what I had in mind with them. After tracing, I cut the letters out of the cereal box.
 I've had this frame for awhile now and use it as decor for many miscellaneous projects around my house. It's last use was for our Christmas Advent Calendar that I shared over on Huckleberry Love.

I removed the old twine, as there were four pieces and I only needed two. I used a staple gun to hold the new twine in place and simply tied a knot with the twine around the staple to hold it in place .

Now, it's washi tape time! I am obsessed with this stuff. I'm constantly scoping it out at local craft stores (I'm SO excited that Michael's finally carries it!) and on Amazon. Decorate your letters with washi tape. I alternated between 7 varieties for a colorful and bright look. :)

After your letters are covered in the tape, it's time to adhere them to your doilies. I covered the back of each letter with a light coat of mod podge and pressed it onto a doily. Be sure to dab the back of a doily with a paper towel, as the excess mod podge will squeeze through its small holes.

Now it's time to hang your letters on your frame! I used mini clothespins that I had from the Advent Calendar. I found them at JoAnn's. But, I'm sure regular sized ones would work just fine. Use whatever you have. :)

I felt like my sign was missing something, so I added this little guy. Jason bought him for me at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. He is actually a Christmas ornament that is supposed to clip onto a tree branch. I loved him so much that I decided to keep him out year round. Isn't he the cutest?

And there you have it! A fun, colorful and easy project to brighten up your Valentine's Day décor.


I can't wait to share the rest of my mantel with you all! Thanks for stopping by. :)

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Simple Doily Garland {And my Shop Grand Opening!}

Well, we're back from Ohio. It was wonderful visiting with our family, since we didn't go home at Christmas, but it's great to be home! The cold and I are not friends, and the 8 degree weather that we experienced for most of our trip was a bit depressing. It's nice to be able to come home to sunshine and almost 80 degree temperatures, that's for sure! :)

I finally took down our Christmas decorations over the week (hey, don't judge!), and now the house is looking a little bare. So, I decided it was time to get ready for Valentine's Day. :)

My first project was this simple, doily garland. It took me about 15 minutes to make and cost a total of $2. That's my kind of craft, folks!

Here's what you need to get started:

1 package heart doilies
1 package small white doilies
bakers twine

I found these packs of doilies in the Dollar Section at Target for $1 each. Score! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but I knew that they were going home with me. The red and white baker's twine I all ready had.

I love the sweet designs on this red doily. It's even imprinted with the word "love" in the center. :)

I simply strung the doilies through the twine, alternating the red and the white ones as I went.

And that, my friends, is it. It's the perfect addition to our mantel and all ready our house is feeling more festive!

I love simple projects like this that turn out so beautifully in the end. :)

Now, onto some exciting news!

I finally opened my Etsy Shop, 8th Street Bridge!! It went live yesterday morning. My emotions are all wrapped up in a mixed bundle of thrilled, anxious and happy. :)

Here are some of the items I have listed for sale right now:

What do you think? I would be happy if I only ever got one sale! Ha ha! I'm just so proud of myself for realizing my dream, not giving up and finally getting this shop out into the world. :)

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for another Valentine's Day project!

Happy Monday, friends! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ohio (and Haven) Bound

Phew! We made it. The boys and I had quite an adventurous day. We left early this morning (7 am) to catch our flight to Ohio. Unfortunately a combination of running late and horrible Houston traffic resulted in us missing our flight. I swore I gave myself an ulcer on the car ride over. I prayed and prayed that we would get there in time. But, no luck.

We were put on the next flight out and were also able to get a later connection, too. This gave us time to enjoy breakfast at one of the many Starbucks cafes in the airport. As we leisurely walked to our gate (we had over 2 hours to kill), I realized that my original flight was delayed. It was at the gate across from ours. I kept watching as that flight was delayed longer and longer. I thanked God for letting us miss that flight. Sitting on parked plane for hours on end with two toddlers is NOT my idea of a fun time.

Our new flight ended up leaving BEFORE our original flight. How is that for irony and twist of fate? Funny how these things work out. It was definitely a blessing in disguise.

My little guys were champs on both flights and we had no problems at all after our initial mishap. They're tucked into their beds at Nana and Papa's house and I'm finally enjoying some well deserved relaxation time.

In other news... I just booked my ticket for the Haven Conference!

Haven Maven

This is my first ever blog conference and I am SO excited! Three of my friends whom I blog with over at Huckleberry Love are going with me. It's going to be an awesome, adventurous and fun road trip! I can't wait!

Speaking of Huckleberry Love, have you checked it out yet? We've shared some pretty cool projects so far, such as:




I'd love for you to stop on by and check us out, if you haven't all ready! If you like what you see, please feel free to follow us on GFC, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We will return the favor!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! I'll be taking some time off from the blog so that I can instead spend time with our family. :)
See you next week!
P.S. Are you going to Haven, too?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Home Goals 2013

This is my 500th post! Can you believe it? It's hard to imagine that I've been writing this blog for 4 1/2 years now. So much has happened since the beginning. I'm so glad that you have all stuck around through it all. Thank you! :)

Last year I stuck to a few resolutions, none of which had to do with our home. This year, I do want to add on some Home Goals to my resolutions I've all ready made. I've decided to hold myself accountable by sharing them with you. Hopefully this will force me to finish up a few things that I have been wanting need to do to get our house into shape!

Now, without further ado....

My Goals.

1. Master Bedroom/Bathroom- While this room has come leaps and bounds in the past few months, there's still a long way to go until it's finished. But progress is being made! :)

To Do:
*Finish painting/stencil our accent wall
*Find nightstands
*Beside lighting
*Paint bathroom walls and vanity
*New mirrors
*Organize closet (bins)

2. Craft Area- I'm so glad we were able to rearrange our room so that I'd have a craft area. Now I need to get on it and get this space ready for some major crafting! :)

To Do:
 *Organize, organize, organize!!
*DIY storage

3. Playroom- This is a new space for us. We finally bit the bullet over the holidays and moved the boys into the same room. They're currently sharing Aidan's room and the nursery is being converted into a playroom. Can I get a hallelujiah for getting all of these toys out of my living room?

To Do:
*Create closet reading nook
*More toy storage (furniture and bins)
*Gallery wall
*Find rug

4. Living Room- Speak of the devil! This room has come leaps and bounds since we moved in. You can see its changes over the years here, here, here and here. We still have things to do and I'm excited to get moving on them!

To Do:
*Mount TV above fireplace (This has been on our to-do list for over 2 years. IT HAS TO GET DONE!!)
*Find end tables
*Gallery Wall

5. Breakfast Area- This space is looking better and better. New artwork on the walls, a lamp I got for a steal from the West Elm outlet and a soft, grey color on the walls. It only needs a few touches to be complete!

To Do:
*Add beadboard (This is another one that's been on our list for a few years now!)
*Sew Curtains/blinds

6. Kitchen- One of the most used rooms in our house... it's definitely one that needs some finishing touches. And a little bit of organizational help. ;)
To Do:
*Organize pantry
*New light fixture above sink
*Sew Curtains/blinds

Pretty lofty goals, huh? I don't anticipate spending gobs of money on these goals. Really I just need to write out a game plan, save a little money, get off my butt and "git 'er done!". :)

Do you have any Home Goals this year? I'd love to hear them!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello, Monday.

Hello, Monday.

Hello, sweet, darling brothers. I'm glad you both enjoy sharing a room so very much. Let's just try to keep that nightly dance party from happening this week. Okay?

Hello, Christmas tree (and other holiday decorations}. You looked great in our house before the big day. But now? I'm sick of you. This week we'll be saying goodbye until next year. No hard feelings. :)

Hello, Etsy Shop. I'm so close to my launch and super excited to share my creations with the world!   But, I'm also a tad bit nervous. Don't tell anyone.

Hello, little sister! I can't believe that you are ENGAGED! I'm over the moon happy for you both and can't wait to help you plan your big day! I'm forever grateful for the relationship that we have- it's evolved over the years into something simply wonderful. You have become more than just my sister, but my friend. :)

Hello, messy house. It's on. Bring it.
Happy Monday, friends! :)
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Clothespin Airplanes

How cute are these little guys? I made them as part of the decor for a baby shower I'm co-hosting in a few weeks. 

Head on over to Huckleberry Love for my instructions on how to make your own little airplanes. They'd make great party favors, ornaments or decorations for a special day!

Happy Friday, friends! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The One With the Resolutions

Last year I made a few resolutions. Some were kept, others were failures and a few were never even attempted. That's life. Am I right?

With the new year comes new resolutions. And once again, I'm proclaiming them here for all to see. I think it also helps me to hold myself a bit accountable for what I've decided to resolve. :)

1. To become more organized. This has a sub-resolution as well... to become better at time management. With these two powers combined, I will become super Mom! (I wish!) But really, I feel that I wear too many hats, begin to feel overwhelmed and ultimately feel that many times my days have been wasted. I know that I can make better use of my time. And I know that I need to be more organized in order for that to happen.

2. No more pop. For real. I mean it. I probably say this about 5 times a year and then I fail. Miserably. It's been 3 days since my last Pepsi and so far, so good! My friend, Jill, has the same goal and shared an awesome app, the Streak App, that has helped her stay motivated to say no to soda. I've downloaded it on my phone to help me stay on track with this goal.

3. Lose this weight and keep it off this time! Last year, I lost 25 pounds, then gained all but 5 of them back. I know that I can do it, I just need to put a bit more effort in. I want to be healthy for myself and my family, I want to fit in my clothes better and I want to feel good about myself. I can do it. I know I can. :)

Now, while many bloggers are choosing their "word for the year", I've decided to do my own little spin and have chosen a "phrase of the year" in which to live my days by. Honestly, it's because there are SO MANY words I could use as my mantra for 2013. This helps me broaden the spectrum and still be true to what I want this year to mean for my life.

"Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it."~ L.M. Montgomery

These words are spoken by the immortal Anne Shirley, the character Ms. Montgomery is so widely known for. A favorite character of my youth, she has grown into a wonderful inspiration in my adult life. And this passage is one that I've chosen to reflect on this year. Just repeat it. Let it sink in and float around in your head for awhile.

Isn't it a bit of a relief? It gives you hope, yes? Just think. There is always tomorrow. It's always new. Clean. Ready for the taking. What wondrous adventures lie ahead? Your tomorrow is what you make of it. But, to me, this also means, that today is still here. Even though mistakes may have been made, tempers may have risen, patience may have become a lost virtue, you can still enjoy today. Especially knowing that you can try again tomorrow. To be that person who you wish to be. To become what you are destined to become. Whether it be a better mother, a more patient wife, or a compassionate human being.

It is possible. Because there is always tomorrow. :)

Have you made any resolutions? Did you choose a word to live by in 2013?


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