Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello, Monday.

Hello, Monday.

Hello, sweet, darling brothers. I'm glad you both enjoy sharing a room so very much. Let's just try to keep that nightly dance party from happening this week. Okay?

Hello, Christmas tree (and other holiday decorations}. You looked great in our house before the big day. But now? I'm sick of you. This week we'll be saying goodbye until next year. No hard feelings. :)

Hello, Etsy Shop. I'm so close to my launch and super excited to share my creations with the world!   But, I'm also a tad bit nervous. Don't tell anyone.

Hello, little sister! I can't believe that you are ENGAGED! I'm over the moon happy for you both and can't wait to help you plan your big day! I'm forever grateful for the relationship that we have- it's evolved over the years into something simply wonderful. You have become more than just my sister, but my friend. :)

Hello, messy house. It's on. Bring it.
Happy Monday, friends! :)
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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck with your Etsy store. It's scary, but worth it!


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