Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Connor {18 Months Old}

Today my sweet, baby boy is 18 months old. It seems like yesterday he was this tiny, little baby who I rocked in my arms. But now?

Well, now he is a big boy who wants to do everything all. by. himself. Always. He is a little daredevil who loves to jump on the couch, climb and pull himself up onto whatever surface he can and who has no fear on the playground! He also loves going to storytime with me every week, "driving" in his car in the backyard, playing with the dogs and cat and reading books in his rocking chair. :)

He is his big brother's best friend and I always find him by Aidan's side causing some type of mischief. They have a great time playing cars, trains, blocks and legos together in the playroom. The sound of their joint laughter is absolutely infectious. :)

Connor is also his Daddy's shadow. His favorite word is "Da Da" and he greets Daddy at the door everyday with a huge grin on his face and a big bear hug for his favorite person. Their bond is amazing and I'm so grateful that Connor has such a wonderful role model in his life.

He still uses his binky at naptime and bedtime. Every evening we cuddle on the couch to watch Baby Einstein and Connor snuggles under his favorite blanket with his two buddies, Goofy and Monkey. Our little man sleeps with them every evening and can't go to bed without them. Aidan never had a "lovey" so it's sweet to see how attached Connor is to them. God help us if he ever loses one!

While our little C-man isn't a man of many words, he does a great job of communicating with us. He can say: more, milk, Dada, Mama, uh oh, help, eye, please, banana, hi and makes a few animal noises, too. Connor also loves to identify his body parts. His favorite ones are: tongue, feet, hands and belly. :)

He has been determined for quite some time now to eat in a big chair at the table by himself. And, I'm proud to say that he has mastered it! Every once in awhile he'll run into a bit of trouble with the last bits of cereal in his bowl, and when he does he'll ask for help. He always knows when he needs a helping hand and isn't afraid to ask!

I am so proud of my big, little boy. He has been such a blessing in our lives and I'm privileged to be his Mama. It's been so amazing watching him  grow up in front of my eyes. I'm lucky to be able to stay at home with him everyday. I love you, Connor. :)

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