Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Airplanes {My Little Boys Love Them!}

As a Mom of two little boys, I've quickly learned what can puts huge smiles on their faces...Anything that goes- planes, trains, boats, cars, diggers, tractors- literally, anything that moves! :)

Over the weekend, Jason and I took the boys to a World War II Aircraft Show at a small airport near our house. It was an awesome family event, and only cost us $10 for a day of fun geared towards my boys- and one that Aidan is still talking about!

They were thrilled to be able to get so up close and personal with all of the different planes! We were able to go inside a Paratrooper plane that was actually used in WWII! (The Goodtime Gal, seen above and below)

We had front row seats near the runway and the boys were able to watch the old planes land and takeoff to their hearts content!

The show gave us the opportunity to freely walk around all of the hangars at the airport. Many planes were parked outside, so we got up close and personal with them! Aidan and Connor loved how colorful they all were!
Even after we left the show, we were treated to the sights and sounds of the planes for the rest of the day. We only live a few miles from the airport and we could hear and see the planes over our house as they flew by!

It was a wonderful day and we are all ready planning on attending their next airshow! :)


  1. My four year old, Levi, is sitting next to me as I'm looking at your post and he got so excited seeing all the airplanes. I think we need to go! In fact he is getting very impatient as I'm typing this because he wants to look at the photos some more. lol

    1. Ha ha! My boys absolutely loved this airshow. It was much smaller than normal ones and you could get so close to the planes. I will let you know when I see signs for the next one! :)


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