Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Day with My Boys

Mother's Day 2013 was not a typical Mother's Day for me.
Usually I have a nice sleep in followed by a leisurely shower (alone!). Then I kiss my boys and head out for a day of "mommy time." I shop, I eat lunch at a great restaurant while reading a book and then I take in a movie. All by myself. Alone. It is awesome. And the best way to spend Mother's Day (in my opinion!). :)

But, this year my husband was out of town. There was no sleeping in. (Hello 6:30am wake up call!) There was no showering alone. In fact, there was no showering for me at all. (Unless you count the ones my kids gave me while splashing around in the tub that morning.)

My sweet husband did send me 2 dozen tulips the day before, which are simply gorgeous. They put a smile on my face whenever I peek over at them. :)

I didn't want this to be "just another day", so I had planned a day of fun for my boys! First, we headed out to Rice University to watch a baseball game. They. Loved. It!

We stayed for all nine innings and had such a great time cheering on the home team. And, to make it even better, they were both extremely well behaved!

After the game I let them run around in the green in front of the stadium to burn off some steam.

This happened as soon as we hit the car for the ride home.

A friend (who was also husband-less yesterday) texted to see if we wanted to meet her and her little ones for dinner later in the evening. So, after a quick nap we headed out for dinner.
They kids had so much fun playing in the sandbox at the restaurant. Even though the service was AWFUL (we waited over an hour for our food, which arrived cold. Oh, and mine didn't come at all. Ugh!), it was nice to sit and chat while the kids covered themselves in sand.

We got home much later than expected and the kids didn't fall asleep until 10:00... WAAAY past their bedtime.
All in all, it was a great day. Of course, things weren't perfect. There were timeouts, tears, tantrums and a post-dinner shower due to the amount of sand that was glued to my child's body. But, that's life with toddlers. There will never be perfect. This is as good as it gets... and I'm finally okay with that. :)
I'm happy that I was able to spend Mother's Day with my little guys. I'm so blessed to be a Mother. And to be a stay at home Mother, too. Although, there are times though when Mama needs a break... Know what I mean?
But, don't you worry... I all ready told my husband that I am getting a hotel next weekend to ensure that I can sleep in! I told him I'll be home Sunday night. Ha ha!! :)

How was your Mother's Day? Did you do anything fun with the family or did you just have a relaxing day to yourself?

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