Friday, May 17, 2013

Craft Show Prep

Happy Friday, friends!
I don't know about y'all, but I am SOOO ready for this weekend. You may remember that I mentioned that my husband has been out of town for awhile (and was gone over Mother's Day). Well, he returned yesterday and I am thrilled!
Things were getting a bit rough in toddler-land. Know what I mean?

Yellow Yarn Wreath with Purple Dahlia $30.00

I realize there's been a lack of posting from me lately, but it's all for good reasons! If you follow me on Facebook, you'd notice that I've been posting pictures of new inventory in my Etsy Shop. I'm building it up for my first craft show, (*insert nervous excitement here*) which is rapidly approaching. Very rapidly. I have a little over a week left to finish up making inventory and plan for everything else that it will entail.

Pretty Pastels Rag Tie Garland- $28.00

And I'm sweatin' over it. Big time.

Patriotic Yarn Wreath $35.00

So, I've decided to take a bit of time off. Between writing for this blog and Huckleberry Love, creating items for my shop, working from home for the Veterinary Clinic and being a wife and mother (and all that goes along with those duties!), I'm being pulled a bit too thin right now.
On top of it all, we'll be out of town for Memorial Day weekend (although I have to drive back in for my craft show. Eek!) and Aidan has his last day of school next week, too. They're having a little end of year show on Thursday evening for all of the parents. :)

Teal Yarn Wreath with Red Dahlia- $30.00

I'll see all of you after Memorial Day. I have so many great projects lined up to share with you. I hope you'll pop back in to have a look at them... and to see how my show went. I plan on sharing about the whole experience: the good, the bad and the ugly! (Hopefully there's not too much ugly!)
Until we meet again! :)
P.S. If you're in the Houston area, I'd LOVE for you to stop by the show I'll be at! It's being held at Saint Paul's Church in Old Katy on Saturday, May 25th. They're having a huge Spring Festival with BBQ, games and activities for children, and over 60 vendor booths! The Festival runs from 10am-4pm. Email me if you'd like the address. I hope to see some of you there! :)


  1. I'm going to try to go! It sounds fun and I'd love to meet you!

    1. That'd be awesome, Lisa! We are booth 33 and will be at the end of a row. Not sure where though. Hopefully the sun is shining that day! I hope you can make it! :)

  2. I just started following you and I love your blog! I am a big crafter, but you are like a super crafter! I am a new blogger and nominated you for a blogging award! Check out my blog!


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