Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer So Far

At the end of May, Aidan finished his second year of Mother's Day Out. It's so hard to believe that he was a little, shy 18-month old when he started his first year, and now he's a big, silly, rough and tumble 3 year-old!

And, just for a look back at how much he's grown... Here are his first and last day pictures from last year! :)

His school has two programs a year, one for Christmas and to close out the school year. Each class always performs a song or two and then the whole school gets together and sings. And, so far, for every performance, Aidan has just stood there like a deer in the headlights.

So, imagine our surprise when he actually sang and enjoyed himself this time! Jason and I were thrilled. And, I'll admit that I was a bit teary-eyed watching my big boy sing and do all of the actions to "We Want to See Jesus Lifted High" and "Our God is an Awesome God".
Afterward we went back to his classroom so he could give his teachers one last hug before summer break.

He was especially close with Miss Jessica. I'm so glad that he was able to form such a strong bond with her. Her love and patience for him definitely made his rough days easier. :)
And, now, it's summertime! We've jumped in head first and have been having a blast!

We went tubing up in Hill Country over Memorial Day weekend with friends...

Have been spending lots of time at the pool....

Working on our artwork...
Playing in the sprinkler...
Getting cuddles in from Daddy while he's not traveling...

Finishing up the Spring baseball season...

Playing at the park with friends...
Enjoyed trips to the Children's Museum, roller skating rink, Zoo and more!

And have just been enjoying being together. :)

Yes, it's definitely hard to have both of the kids home all of the time, but I'm doing well. Let's just hope I can wear them both out enough each day so that they nap and I can maintain a bit of my sanity!

Right now, I'm in Ohio spending a week with my sister who just had her second baby. I'm so excited to be here alone... which means I'll have plenty of time to catch up with her and the rest of my family and to soak up all of those sweet, newborn baby snuggles. It's been great.  :)

This morning, my other sisters are heading up this way and we are going wedding dress shopping for my baby sister who is getting married next August! Afterwards, we're headed to my brother's Country Club for dinner and fireworks. It's going to be an awesome day. :)
My in-laws came down from Ohio to stay with the boys while I'm gone so that Jason doesn't have to take time off of work. I'm not sure they realize exactly what they're in for... Ha ha!

Still to come is a trip to Carolina Beach with my family, a visit to Jason's brother in Florida, swimming lessons for both boys, soccer camp for Aidan and lots of time at the pool! I'm also pretty excited about my upcoming trip to Haven. It's gonna be a good summer, folks. :)

How's your summer going so far?


  1. Your boys are so adorable! I'm glad y'all are having a great summer!

  2. Fun, fun summer! It's fun to see how much Aiden has changed. Sounds like a great program for him. I love the baby photos! I can't even remember what it was like to travel alone. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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