Thursday, July 11, 2013

Handemade Gift Exchange Summer 2013 {What I Made}

Last Fall I participated in my first EVER handmade gift exchange. And I LOVED it! It was so much fun to be paired up with someone, get to know them and then create something special, especially for them. You can see what I made last year here.

This time around I was paired up with a lovely woman named Tana. She has an amazing gift for doodling, and I am so excited to show you what she made for me! But, you'll have to wait until tomorrow... ;)

But, today, I will be showing you what I created for her. I have an Etsy Shop, 8th Street Bridge, where I create custom yarn wreaths, letters, monogram wreaths and much more. After Tana told me that she loved dark green and vibrant colors, I knew just what to make for her. :)

It was my first time making a yarn "B" and it turned out beautifully! This dark green yarn is simply lovely in person. Trust me. :)

I topped her yarn letter off with a dark grey mum made of wool felt and accented it with fun leaves made of bright yellow fabric.

This would be a beautiful addition to any home for Fall. But, since Tana loves these colors year round, I knew it would be perfect for her! :)
Stop on by tomorrow to see what I received from Tana. You won't want to miss it!
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  1. Your project turned out nicely and your partner Tara no doubt loves this thoughtful gift!


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