Friday, December 6, 2013

Connor is 2 Years {and 3 months} old!

In early September Connor turned two! It was a happy, yet sad milestone for me. He is my baby, and while I'm glad that he is growing up and is a healthy, intelligent, troublesome little boy, I'm sad that his baby days are over.

We had originally planned on having a party for him, but I was plagued with extreme fatigue during my first trimester. As a result, we decided to just have a fun family outing to celebrate his big day! :)

Our weekend started when Daddy brought balloons home for the birthday boy! He was so happy and excited about this special surprise. :)

We had dinner at home that evening, followed by cupcakes and presents. To be honest, he was initially much more interested in the cake than the presents.

But, the momentum definitely started rolling once he began to open those pretty packages. :)

On Saturday we headed to the Kemah Boardwalk. It was a bit dreary and the forecast called for rain. The normally bustling Boardwalk was fairly empty, which was actually nice for us.

We had lunch at a pizza parlor, drove some boats, fed the fish and looked out at the Bay.

Then, Connor got to ride his first amusement ride! Our little man was barely tall enough to climb aboard, but thankfully he made the cut. He chose the airplane ride. This little guy loved it! As did big brother Aidan. It started to drizzle after that, so we piled back into the car and headed home.

On Sunday we all went bowling. It was the first time for both boys and they had a blast! Our lane had automatic bumpers and the boys used a ramp to push their balls onto the lane. Aidan was such a great helper and lifted Connor's ball for him onto the ramp every time it was his turn. Connor even got a strike! It was a great time and something we will be doing again very soon! :)

Connor has grown so much in the past year. He's tall, just like Aidan. And the doctor said that he'll be around 6 feet tall when he's finished growing. Taller than Daddy!!

His vocabulary has exploded and everyday he is saying something new. He is very good at expressing himself, using sentences and letting us know what he wants. He says his name and Aidan's name correctly (something Aidan didn't do until he was 3!) and loves to learn new words.

He is very gentle and can play for hours by himself with his toys. It's a nice change from big brother, who never quite learned how fun it can be to play by himself. His best friend his Aidan and they are inseparable. Of course they fight, but they have an amazing bond. Their love for each other is apparent in all that they do. They love to hold hands, snuggle and Aidan always tells Connor that he will take care of him. It makes my Mama heart melt into a puddle of happy. :)

Connor's laugh and smile are contagious. He is extremely ticklish and is always giving himself away during hide and seek because he laughs the entire time he is hiding!

Connor loves trains, cars, monster trucks, planes and basically anything that has wheels. He loves to read books, go to story time and the park, visit the Zoo and Children's Museum, color and play with play-doh. He is an animal lover and really enjoys spending time with our cat and dog. He can be a bit shy when he first meets someone new or is presented with a new situation, but it usually doesn't last very long.

His heart is huge and there is always room for one more person, animal or thing for him to love inside!

I'm so proud of him and the person he has become. He holds a very special place in my heart and I know he'll be able to tackle his impending role of middle child with ease. :)

We love you, Connor!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Numero Tres

I know, I know.. Bad blogger. I promised a comeback, and it was pretty short lived. Right?! Well, here I am! :)
And, with EXCITING news! (Although by now, I'm sure most of you are aware of it. Just pretend to be surprised, okay?)

We're having another baby!!!

This little one has been on my heart for a long time. I had always felt like a piece was missing from our family puzzle, but Jason felt differently. After many talks and tears, we finally decided it was the right decision for our family. :)
Luckily, I was able to become pregnant immediately and things have been moving right along ever since.

I found this adorable shirt on Etsy, and bought it to reveal the pregnancy to friends. The boys absolutely loved it! And I loved that I could also wear it as my Halloween costume. :)
The "big" ultrasound was today. We decided, once again, to not find out the sex of the baby. While, it's a hard choice to make, it's also a fun one! Having Jason tell me the sex of each boy after he was born was an incredibly moving experience for both of us. We love the surprise!

This time it's a little tougher, since we know that this is it for us. Most of our family and friends are predicting a girl, but I'm not so sure. I honestly have no feeling one way or the other this time around. But, for the record, Aidan thinks it's a boy and Connor and Daddy think it's a girl. (I think that Jason WANTS a girl though! Don't tell him I said that!)
The baby is healthy and was kicking up a storm during my appointment. The boys came with us and loved seeing the baby on the screen. At one point Connor said, "Baby, come out!" It was so funny. I asked him why he wanted the baby to come out and he replied, "Play with Connor." So sweet. I think he's going to make a terrific big brother. :)

One thing I will admit to, is that it is HARD being pregnant while running around after two rambunctious toddlers all day. I am spent by 5pm everyday and desperately need a nap. I've also been having a few issues with my pelvis for the past month. The doctor isn't quite sure what it is, but I'm going to have a Doppler done next week to get to the root of the problem. Keep me in your thoughts, friends?
Right now I am 22 weeks and due in early April. I'm glad that I missed the brutal Texas summer heat this time around. Having a September baby was rough. Really rough. It's been fun to see how different this pregnancy is from my last two. I definitely looked pregnant much earlier around this time and look bigger than I did with the boys at 22 weeks. But, I'm glad I'm out of the "I'm pregnant but look fat" phase. That's always the worst. :)
I'm just glad that we decided to add one more to our family. Five is our perfect number- I know it. I promise to try and update more. :)

Have a good day, friends!


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