Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow Day!

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Earlier this month the boys and I made our way to Ohio for a visit with family. While we were there we got caught in that crazy polar vortex, which ended up in a few cancelled flights and an extension of our trip by four days.

But, with it also came SNOW! My little guys have never really seen or played with snow before. So, this was their first real opportunity to frolic around in the white stuff... and they had a blast!

Unfortunately it wasn't snow ball or snowman making snow, much to Aidan's dismay. But, he still had a wonderful time playing in it with his family!

I can only describe their faces as filled with pure joy. It was very cold out, so they were only able to be outside for about 10 minutes.. and they took advantage of every second of that time!

It was also their cousin, Brady's, first time in the snow. He's a native Ohioan, but was never able to truly play in it until this year. I'm so glad he got to share this special first with his cousins. 
Hopefully they'll get a chance to play in the snow again next year! :)

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