Monday, March 2, 2015

Aidan {Our Big 5 Year Old!}

Five years have, indeed, flown by! My little man is no longer a toddler or preschooler, he's a BIG BOY!
Last month, our oldest son had a birthday. And I'm still in denial about the fact that he's FIVE! I, unfortunately, did not do an update for his fourth birthday, but I was determined to do one for his fifth! I sat him down and asked him some questions about a few of his favorite things and here's what he had to say:
1. Favorite Movie: Homeward Bound and The Muppets
2. Favorite Color: Purple!
3. Favorite Song: Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker
4. Favorite TV Show: Octonauts- he is totally obsessed!
5. Favorite Toy: Cardboard Building Blocks
6. Favorite "Lovey": His big monkey named, well, "Big Monkey"- creative, I know.
7. Favorite animal at the Zoo: Giraffes and all kinds of other animals, too.
8. Favorite Pet: Flippy and Kitty (our cat and dog), but he does not like it when Flippy is stinky.
9. Favorite Sport: Baseball.
10. Favorite Book: The Berenstein Bears
11. Best Friend: Grace, Angel and Nolan and everybody at school!
A few things have remained the same (his favorite color and pet), while others have definitely changed (he prefers to listen to music on the radio and live action movies instead of cartoons)!

For his actual birthday, he only had a few requests:
1. To see a movie in the movie theatre
2. To eat at Olive Garden
3. And have his favorite cousin Tristan spend the day with him
Who were we to say no to such simple requests?! So, the day was planned. When he woke up, he headed downstairs to find the customary birthday balloons and gifts wrapped at his seat around the table. After opening presents, we headed to one of our favorite local breakfast spots to eat.

After that we met my parents and Tristan at the theater to see Paddington. The kids and adults alike simply loved this film... I highly recommend it!
Then, we went back to our house for a bit, where we were joined by all 4 of his grandparents to play and hang out before dinner. He received Mario Kart as one of his gifts (his first video game!) and had a blast playing it!

Finally, we finished off his big day at the Olive Garden. We brought along a special Spider Man cake for him, too! Our little guy was over the moon when he saw the twinkling candles coming his way!
It was definitely a wonderful day! Sometimes the simplest things mean the most and create the best memories. :)

In the past year, I feel that Aidan has really come into his own. While he's still my wild boy, so many other pieces of his personality have started to really stand out. He has a huge heart. My boy is always ready to help out when asked and he truly cares about other people and animals. Whenever his brother gets a "boo boo" Aidan is the first one there with a hug for him, making sure he's okay and bringing him his favorite stuffed animals to make him feel better.

He takes pride in helping his teachers at school. They rave about what a wonderful "helper" he is- from cleaning up the classroom, to passing out papers, putting away toys and helping the other kids calm down and listen. Speaking of school, he is excelling at his studies. Just like his Mama, he can't get enough of learning! Recently they have been learning about Egypt and he comes home everyday talking about the pyramids and the Nile River. His handwriting has improved tremendously and he can now write the whole alphabet (upper and lowercase) and is learning to read. We are so very proud of him. :)

Aidan has also developed quite the sense of humor! He has started making up his own knock knock jokes and I always hear him and Connor laughing about something silly. I believe one of his greatest joys in life is having a little sister. The bond that Aidan and Hayley share is truly amazing. Nobody can make her laugh like he can. He loves to read to her, play with her and I completely trust that he would do everything in his power to keep her safe. Seeing the love that my children have for each other is simply magical.
I absolutely love watching Aidan grow. My heart bursts with pride for him and the wonderful person he is growing up to be. :)
Happy birthday, buddy!

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